Child dies after incident at Spring Valley Beach

A 3-year-old died Monday morning after an incident at Spring Valley Beach on Friday afternoon. Emergency personnel responded to a call of an accidental drowning at the waterpark. The young girl, Sarah Golden, was then transported by ambulance to St. Vincent’s Blount after being administered CPR by staff at the park. Golden, who is from Woodville, Ala., was then airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where she died Monday morning.

“I was outside of the concession area, and I saw the commotion,” said owner Travis Gilliland. “I ran over and they were administering CPR. We went in shifts helping with CPR until the paramedics got here, and they took over from that point.”

Seven lifeguards are always on duty in the large pool area, according to Gilliland.

He says his and the staff’s prayers are with the family.

“As hard of a time as we are having dealing with it, all I can keep thinking about is how difficult it must be for them,” he said.