Child abuse prevention month

The greatest events in world history occurred when good people rose up and took a stand against injustice. The Declaration of Independence, D-Day, and the civil rights movement are noteworthy examples.

In 1983, some good folks in Blount County took a historic stand for children. They saw a need and did something about it. Frances B. Hill and DHR Director Henrietta Wade realized that the county needed a special organization to focus on the prevention of child abuse. They formed “Stop Child Abuse Now,” an organization that would eventually become the Blount County Children’s Center.

In the 30 years since then, we have worked with literally thousands of children who have experienced physical or sexual abuse. Each year we reach over 6000 school children with a face-to-face message about how to keep safe from abuse; and we provide over 1000 hours of free professional counseling to children, teens and adults who are dealing with the aftermath of abuse.

As we celebrate our 30th birthday this year, we give thanks for those who helped make this community agency possible.

If you want to know how you can help, give us a call at 274-7226, visit our facebook page, or our website,

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the international symbol for child abuse remembrance is the blue ribbon. I encourage all Blount Countians during April to wear a blue ribbon on your lapel or place one on your mailbox or the door of your home, business, school or church. By doing so, you show your support for each child in our community who has been brave enough to tell his or her awful secret and each child who wants to tell but has not found the courage – yet.

Jim Ed Clayton
Executive Director
Blount County Children’s Center