Championship meet qualifiers

High School Track and Field

Blount County will be well represented as the 2021 state track meet kicks off Friday morning. Sectionals were held last Friday and Saturday with the state releasing the official state meet performance list Monday afternoon. The championship meet for 1A, 2A, and 3A schools takes place at Cullman High School, while the championship meet for 4A, 5A, 6A, and 7A schools is in Gulf Shores. Note: Place and time listed represent the athlete’s finish at sectionals and qualifying time or distance.

1A Boys
1600m: Francisco Silva,
Appalachian, 5th, 5:27.21

2A Girls
100m prelims: Storm Edgil,
Cleveland, 4th, 14.40
200m prelims: Katelynn Harris,
Cleveland, 4th, 29.25
400m: Alyssa Freeman,
Southeastern, 3rd, 1:05.87
Makayla Harris,
Cleveland, 2nd, 1:05.77
800m: Katelynn Harris,
Cleveland, 7th, 2:47.37
Makayla Harris,
Cleveland, 4th, 2:42.57
1600m: Halle Curry,
Locust Fork, 4th, 6:02.31
Makayla Harris,
Cleveland, 6th, 6:06.56
3200m: Halle Curry,
Locust Fork, 2nd, 13:09.44
4x100m: Cleveland, 3rd, 55.36
Southeastern, 4th, 55.99
4x400m: Cleveland, 3rd, 4:40.50
4x800m: Southeastern, 6th, 11:52.64
Long Jump: Joy Horn,
Locust Fork, 8th, 13-09.50
Shot Put: Faith Evans,
Locust Fork, 1st, 28-03.00
Hailey Head,
Southeastern, 5th, 26-01.00
Macy Kelley,
Cleveland, 3rd, 27-01.25
Discus: Macy Kelley,
Cleveland, 9th, 75-05.50
Javelin: Faith Evans,
Locust Fork, 6th, 92-00
Hailey Head,
Southeastern, 2nd, 109-01
Macey Kelley,
Cleveland, 4th, 102-09
2A Boys
100m prelims: Pierce Gilliland,
Cleveland, 3rd, 11.66
Da’Quarrius Phillips,
Cleveland, 1st, 11.34
200m prelims: Pierce Gilliland,
Cleveland, 2nd, 23.49
Da’Quarrius Phillips,
Cleveland, 1st, 22.80
800m: Kevin Arzate,
Southeastern, 6th, 2:14.64
Jonathan Hernandez,
Cleveland, 5th, 2:09.73
Mattew Roy,
Locust Fork, 8th, 2:20.29
1600m: Jesse Faler,
Southeastern, 7th, 5:13.56
Jonathan Hernandez,
Cleveland, 4th, 5:02.86
3200m: Jesse Faler,
Southeastern, 7th, 11:41.10
110H prelims: Wesley Bullard,
Locust Fork, 6th, 24.61
4×100 prelims: Cleveland, 1st, 44.93
Locust Fork, 5th, 47.17
Southestern, 4th, 47.15
4×400: Cleveland, 2nd, 3:41.04
Locust Fork, 3rd, 3:42.14
Southeastern, 5th, 3:45.00
4×800: Southeastern, 3rd, 9:37.11
High Jump: Micah Smith,
Southeastern, 4th, 5-04.00
Long Jump: Bryson Browning,
Cleveland, 3rd, 19-02.00

Micah Smith,
Southeastern, 5th, 19-01.50
Shot Put: Omar Uriostegui,
Southeastern, 7th, 39-01.50
Discus: Fernando Chavez,
Southeastern, 6th, 101-02.50
Arturo Escamilla,
Cleveland, 4th, 115-03
Shane McCay,
Locust Fork, 8th, 100-03.50
Javelin: Fernando Chavez,
Southeastern, 11th, 121-05
Christian Patterson,
Locust Fork, 7th, 129-07

3A Girls
100m prelims: Allison Bryson,
J.B. Pennington, 2nd, 13.60
200m prelims: Allison Bryson,
J.B. Pennington, 3rd, 28.53
800m: Erika Maldonado,
J.B. Pennington, 8th, 2:53.81
Esmeralda Vazquez,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 2:50.80
1600m: Esmeralda Vazquez,
J.B. Pennington, 7th, 6:25.89
300H: Chloe Poole,
Susan Moore, 4th, 55.27
Sadie Silvers,
Susan Moore, 2nd, 53.36
4×800: J.B. Pennington, 2nd, 11:57.27
High Jump: Katelyn Bonner,
J.B. Pennington, 11th, 4-02.00
Alyson Graves,
J.B. Pennington, 9th, 4-02.00
Triple Jump: Alyson Graves,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 27-11.75
Shot Put: Allison Bryson,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 26-06.00
Katie Washburn,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 27-01.00
Discus: Katie Washburn,
J.B. Pennington, 7th, 71-07
Javelin: Abbi Cruz,
J.B. Pennington, 1st, 103-07
3A Boys
800m: Jode Childers,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 2:14.33
Carlos Perez,
J.B. Pennington, 8th, 2:16.02
1600m: Paul Gonzalez,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 4:52.00
3200m: Jodie Childers,
J.B. Pennington, 11th, 11:43.44
Paul Gonzalez,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 10:41.73
110H prelims: Ethan Ragsdale,
J.B. Pennington, 8th, 21.36
4×400: J.B. Pennington, 3rd, 3:51.81
4×800: J.B. Pennington, 2nd, 9:15.63
High Jump: Jake Mardis,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 5-04
Joshua Marquez,
J.B. Pennington, 2nd, 5-06
Long Jump: Joshua Marquez,
J.B. Pennington, 2nd, 18-09.75
Triple Jump: Carter Heptinstall,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 35-02.00
Jake Mardis,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 35-02.25
Joshua Marquez,
J.B. Pennington, 1st, 37-06.75
Shot Put: Reuben Atwood,
J.B. Pennington, 5th, 39-01
Hayden Floyd,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 41-06.25
Discus: Hayden Floyd,
J.B. Pennington, 1st, 123-08.25
Devon Shelton,
J.B. Pennington, 4th, 103-04.75

4A Girls
100m prelims: Tiana Brown,
Oneonta, 2nd, 12.90
200m prelims: Tiana Brown,
Oneonta, 1st, 26.33
100H prelims: Avis Wallace,
Oneonta, 7th, 20.23
4A Boys
200m prelims: Tommy Rodriguez,
Oneonta, 3rd, 22.55

400m: Brody Underwood,
Oneonta, 4th, 52.60
800m: Brody Underwood,
Oneonta, 2nd, 2:04.51
1600m: Luke Ellis,
Oneonta, 5th, 4:42.61
Lex Sorenson,
Oneonta, 11th, 4:59.13
3200m: Luke Ellis,
Oneonta, 4th, 10:23.51
110H prelims: Gabe Gilliland,
Oneonta, 2nd, 16.98
Tommy Rodriguez,
Oneonta, 1st, 15.75
300H: Tommy Rodriguez,
Oneonta, 1st, 41.18
4×100: Oneonta, 5th, 46.79
4×400: Oneonta, 1st, 3:33.11
4×800: Oneonta, 5th, 9:05.14
Long Jump: Jexton Johnson,
Oneonta, 3rd, 19-05.00
Triple Jump: Jexton Johnson,
Oneonta, 3rd, 39-00.75

5A Girls
100m prelims: Nhiala Burrow,
Hayden, 6th, 13.14
100H prelims: Lanette St. John,
Hayden, 5th, 18.42

300H: Lanette St. John,
Hayden, 2nd, 50.87
4×100: Hayden, 4th, 52.57
High Jump: Mallory Dial,
Hayden, 3rd, 4-08.00
Long Jump: Mallory Dial,
Hayden, 9th, 14-04.25
Triple Jump: Mallory Dial,
Hayden, 3rd, 31-00.25
Carlie Rose, Hayden, 6th, 29-07.50
Javelin: Madie Freeman,
Hayden, 3rd, 85-09
Addison McDaniel,
Hayden, 1st, 99-10
Hannah Rheaume,
Hayden, 6th, 79-04
5A Boys
100H prelims: Ashton Hicks,
Hayden, 7th, 17.83
4×100: Hayden, 5th, 44.89
4×800: Hayden, 6th, 9:23.83
High Jump: Keegan Motte,
Hayden, 2nd, 5-08.00