Chamblee Cabin dedication set for Sunday



This Sunday, members of the Blountsville Historical Society will continue restoring the past at the Blountsville Historical Park, located on US 231. From 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., the group will host a dedication for the Chamblee Cabin with guest speaker Jack Chamblee, a descendant of the original cabin owner.

The Isham Chamblee Cabin was built in the 1800s and is now furnished with heirlooms, pictures, and other items which instill a true sense of that time period for those who visit the cabin. Before being transported to the Blountsville Historical Park in 2012, the cabin was located at the foot of Skyball Mountain.

Originally, the cabin was in a dilapidated state with a deteriorated back porch, no roof, and other problems. Now, after two years of restoration, the cabin is ready to be brought to the public’s attention. The restoration process was conducted by members of the Society, particularly Eddy Doty, who is the husband of Clara Doty, a descendant of Isham Chamblee.

“Families want a nice, free day trip to enjoy a picnic or a park that is well maintained, and it is important for these families to come to local places like the Blountsville Historical Park and care for our common areas while enjoying wholesome activities,” said Blountsville Town Council member Dennis Beavers. “This will also serve as a great place for senior, church, and class groups to visit.”

Blountsville Historical Society member Betty Alexander says the cabin can be used as a source of history education.

“It’s worth coming to see, and I hope people bring children to see this to preserve history,” she said.

The Chamblee Cabin is part of the Blountsville Historical Park which has numerous restored historical buildings, most fully furnished with time appropriate items, for people to visit. This includes the Freeman Cabin, rebuilt in the 1920s, the McCollough Cabin, originally located in Tennessee, and the Graves Cabin, originally located off Joy Road in Blountsville. Other buildings include a church, the old Blountsville Jail, two stables, and the Brooksville Post Office with some of the original items still inside.

The Blountsville Historical Park will be open this summer, Saturdays, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m, and Sundays, 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.