Chad Mathis

Chad Mathis

Chad Mathis

Age: 43

Born in/resides in: Born in Evansville, Ind.; resides in Indian Springs Village

Blount County connections: none cited

Family details: Married to Angie Mathis with two children: Abby, 14, and Ben, 12 Education

Graduated Castle High School (Ind.), 1989; graduated University of Evansville with bachelor’s degree, 1993. Graduated Indiana University School of Medicine with M.D., 1997 Work background

Current: orthopedic surgeon, managing partner, Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic

Memberships, leadership positions,
prior political office, etc.
•president, Alabama Coalition for
Public Schools
•Medical Association of Alabama
•American Academy of Orthopedic
•Arthroscopy Association of North
•Mountain Top Church member,

Why are you running for office?

“Why would an orthopedic surgeon want to run for Congress? Because I’m worried we’re losing the American Dream…Hard work and sacrifice enabled me to change my life’s course, and that same opportunity is now fading for my children, Abby and Ben. The two leading factors in that decline are Obamacare and the national debt, and as a doctor and small business owner, I am uniquely qualified to address both…I believe I can help preserve a future for my children and all Alabamians that keeps that dream alive.”

State your qualifications for office
•doctor – orthopedic surgeon
•small business owner – founder and
managing partner of Alabama Bone and

Joint Clinic
•father and husband
•endorsed by Senate Conservatives
Fund; Freedom Works, RedState, Citizens
United; Madison Project; Erick Erickson;
Ken Blackwell

State your platform priorities
•repeal and replace Obamacare with
patient-centered reforms
•rein in government spending, balance the budget, reduce national debt
•get Alabamians back to work; create
environment of prosperity

If there was one issue that you want associated with your candidacy more than any other, what would it be?

“There is no single issue that ails America. In fact, the only consistent ailments are the politicians we continue to send to Washington. What our country needs is bold, new conservative leadership – people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the President, or their own party, for that matter…I am that person…” Candidate’s statement to voters

“As a candidate for Congress, I am concerned with the direction our country is headed. Obamacare and the national debt are the two biggest issues threatening the American Dream. As a doctor, small business owner, and first in my family to attend college, I’m quite different from the career politicians and lawyers I am up against. My experience lends Alabama the best chance to bring new conservative leadership to Washington. I look forward to earning your support and hopefully your vote on June 3.”