CFGB announces priorities for next 10 grant years

Following a year of listening to communities and strategic analysis of feedback and results, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham (CFGB) announced its five recalibrated priorities for the decade beginning in 2020.

The final grantmaking cycle for 2019 under the current results-structured framework opens July 19, and will consider grants in two areas:

• projects directed toward making communities more sustainable, livable, and vibrant (e.g. expanding public green space, renovating city centers, improving the natural environment, and enhancing access to arts and culture).

• projects directed toward individual and family economic security (e.g. improving housing, increasing services for low-income individuals and families, and effecting public policy changes that impact those groups).

The five priorities that will drive grantmaking for the next 10 years are:

• Nurturing thriving communities, with the goal of strengthening assets of communities and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life for all.

• Driving regional cooperation by supporting cooperation among communities and municipalities to build, sustain, and promote assets and resources.

• Fostering equity and inclusion with the goal of valuing diversity, acknowledging the past while working toward healing and building common ground to create equitable systems.

• Creating economic opportunity for all by developing multiple pathways for people to achieve economic opportunity, especially those facing the greatest barriers.

• Overcoming persistent poverty by breaking through entrenched barriers to economic security and well-being.

Grantmaking will include all five priorities for each cycle. CFGB serves Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Walker counties. Since its founding in 1959, it has awarded $483 million in grants. In 2018, it awarded more than 2,500 grants for a total of $18.6 million, and held assets of $212 million at year’s end.