Carthal Self

Carthal Self, 59, was born and raised in the Blountsville area, specifically in the Rock Springs community. He attended elementary school at Rock Springs, long since closed, and graduated from J.B. Pennington High School in 1970. He lives now on county road 30 in the Gibbs Chapel community. He is married to Ann Allison Self, and they have two children; Matthew, 29, and Chase, 25.

Work experience Self describes himself as currently unemployed, having lost his job about a year ago when Nicholson File, where he worked in Cullman for 34 years since 1977, went out of business. “God does not close one door without opening another, and I felt the opportunity was right for me to consider being a public servant,” he said “What better way than to be commissioner of District 2?” Self had worked in agricultural jobs for several years after high school, first with brother-in-law Jimmy Miller farming over 1000 acres of cotton, corn and soybeans, and later at his grandfather Denton Haynes’s sawmill. It was during this period, Self said he earned his on-the-job “degree” in heavy equipment operation and maintenance.

Major duties of commissioner’s job Self identified the following items as the major duties of the job: •set budgets of all offices in the courthouse. •maintain and improve the roads of District 2. •make the county better, in all respects. •give special attention to supporting seniors and schools. •to help taxpayers in District 2.

Qualifications for office Self cited the following qualifications to perform the job: •honesty and the ability to talk to people “straight up.” •an abundance of common sense which “plays into a lot of this job.” •maintaining a household budget as preparation for managing the county budget. •ability to deal with angry citizens by “trying to reason with them” and if that doesn’t work, walk away and try again later. “Everyone has a bad day. So come back later and catch’em on a better day.”

Thoughts on District 2 needs: •roads are pitiful. •not enough money to pave all that need to be paved. •may actually improve driving to convert some roads back to dirt and work them more frequently. •improve roads by starting with the worst and working up from there.

Self’s statement to voters “If I’m elected, you’ll see me putting your tax dollars to work. I will be on the job helping the road crew. My phone number is in the book and will stay in the book. If anyone has a problem with a road or any other part of county government, I will help in any way I can. It will be a 24/7 job, as I don’t have other jobs or interests. I will work with cemetery committees on roads to our cemeteries. I will get with bus drivers and mail carriers and find out what roads need repair to be safe. I will be a voice for senior citizens and make sure they receive funding. I will be a good steward with your tax dollars, making decisions that will be in the best interests of all taxpayers.”