Can’t we fix covered bridges ourselves?

With regard to the article in The Blount Countian of Jan. 5, 2011, concerning Blount County’s covered bridges, county engineer Richard Spraggins said, and I refer to the quote from that issue:

“We have to have their approval in order to get the money released from Washinton to pay for the construction work we need to do,” Spraggins said. “It’s like what you used to run into on the playground. ‘If you’re gonna play with my ball, you gotta play by my rules’ and that’s the situation we’re in. In order to get their money, which has already been set aside for the project, we have to play by their rules.”

My question is, what kind of money are we talking about? I don’t want to drag politics or the government into this any further; however, I believe if the dollar amount was known, we just might be able to handle this ourselves and not have to “play by anyone’s rules.” Can and will The Blount Countian obtain this information for us and keep this subject active and alive?

I am interested in hearing what others think about leaving the federal government out of this, as they have enough on their plate, and I, for one, am tired of playing by their [federal government’s] rules. Concerned citizens around the country, and in our community, feel the government is too involved in our lives. Maybe this is the call to action we all need. We should work together as our fathers and their fathers did to get done what needs to be done. Our forefathers were a proud people, from strong families that built this county and would probably be ashamed we are waiting on someone else to fix this situation for us.

In just a few short months the Covered Bridge Festival will be upon us. These bridges are the reason for this festival. Let us give our citizens and visitors what they deserve.

Sharon Rose Murphree