Candidates for national, state offices as shown on Blount County ballots

March 3, 2020, Primary Election



Below are listed the candidates for both Republican and Democratic state and national offices that will appear on their respective party ballots in Blount County voting places next Tuesday, March 3. Since this is a primary election, each voter must choose either a Republican or a Democratic ballot on which to vote.

Candidates who are running for various offices – but are unopposed – do not appear on the ballot. For example, Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for U. S. Senate, does not appear on the Democratic ballot because he is unopposed for his party’s nomination. Neither will Rep. Robert Aderholt nor Rep. Gary Palmer (of the fourth and sixth districts respectively for the United States House of Representatives) appear on the ballot, because both are unopposed in this election cycle. Both positions would appear on Blount County ballots if they were opposed.

No Democrats are shown for any of the judicial offices including Blount County in their jurisdictions because no Democrats qualified for any of those offices. Those offices include the Alabama Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals, and the Court of Criminal Appeals (two positions).

Neither the Blount County Circuit Judge nor the Blount County District Judge are included in the 2020 election cycle.

One other caution relating to voting rules affecting delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions: you may vote only for delegates pledged to your own presidential candidate selection. Votes for delegates for presidential candidates, other than the one you voted for, are not allowed by either party.

Proposed Statewide Amendment Number One

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to change the name of the State Board of Education to the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education; to provide for the appointment of the members of the commission by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate; to change the name of the State Superintendent of Education to the Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education; to provide for the appointment of the secretary by the commission, subject to confirmation by the Senate; and to authorize the Governor to appoint a team of local educators and other officials to advise the commission on matters relating to the functioning and duties of the State Department of Education. Yes ( ) No ( )