Called Snead meeting addresses several police matters

The special called Snead Town Council meeting began with interviews of three applicants for its vacant police chief position. Information on council questioning of Kristen Bearden, Anthony Grigsby, and Kerry Randall appear in an accompanying article. Regular business of that night follows below.

In addition to the above mentioned questioning, the council discussed repair of a recently wrecked town police cruiser. Members quizzed town clerk Rae Ware as to which local repair garage appeared next in the regular rotation.

Ware professed uncertainty, since the last two vehicles repaired had occurred so close together. The council directed Ware to determine that information and award the repair bid to the business next in line. Councilor Ann Sullins, whose husband owns one of the businesses involved, abstained on that motion.

Councilors approved moving officer Kristen Bearden from part-time to fulltime service in the police department and increasing her pay to $14.25 an hour. They also agreed to pay $4000 for officer Jacob Heaton and drug dog Didi to attend a four-week Alabama Canine Academy recertification for Didi and initial certification for Heaton. That program will begin April 16.

Councilmen Tim Kent and Greg Ogles led discussion with utilities head Jeff Whited about road repairs on Lurleen Drive. Heavy rains undermined a culvert there and required closing the road. Whited won approval to move the “Road Closed” sign past three houses which have lost garbage pick-up because they lie beyond the sign and the company’s insurer will not cover vehicles traveling on closed roads.

The discussion among the three touched on the type repair. All eventually agreed to use a concrete culvert able to accommodate heavy trucks should the road ever require use as a detour for traffic on US 278 or AL 75. The council directed Whited to have the town or county engineer evaluate the project and to proceed from there with the repair.

Whited also won approval to permit Total Radio Service, which has internet transmitters on two of the town’s water towers, to place a transmitter on the town’s Medical Street tower. The company pays the town $100 a month for each tower used. Ogles clarified that no one has complained of any interference from the transmitters.

Town and court magistrate employee Jennifer Adams presented her renewed request for approval to shift court software supplier to Courtware Solutions. Adams had made such a plea at the last regular council meeting but had been asked to provide additional information.

Adams had company employee Derrick Parker with her to confirm her understanding of services offered and answer other questions councilors might have. Following that conversation the council voted to shift to that company.

Mayor La’Shone Price advised the council that the “girls” at town hall have asked for a part-time assistant. Members tabled the request to examine details and consider possible hours involved.

Ware asked that the council study its present salary schedule to determine possible inconsistencies. Members approved expenditure for use of a large waste disposal container during the month of April for the county’s annual PALS (People Against a Littered State) campaign.

Dale Snead missed the March 29 meeting; Phillip McHan joined other councilors (Price, Sullins, Kent, and Ogles). The council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the town community center.