Busy week for sheriff’s department

A busy week for the Blount County Sheriff’s Department was capped off by the death of an inmate at the Blount County Correctional Facility yesterday morning.

Sheriff Loyd Arrington said that 40-year-old Billy Gassaway was being examined by the jail’s nurse when he collapsed around 7 o’clock.

CPR was administered and the inmate was taken to St. Vincent’s Blount where he later died.

Gassaway was being held on 49 counts of possession of a forged instrument with bond set at $20,000 for each charge.

Arrington said the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) is investigating the death. Murder-suicide

What has now been deemed a murder-suicide happened on Straight Mountain last Thursday.

A family member asked that a welfare check be conducted on a mother and daughter who lived on High Ridge Road, just off county road 29. The request was made after a phone call to the residence ended abruptly.

The responding deputy found both women dead at the residence and the investigators determined the incident was a murder-suicide. Mother abandons children

A Mobile women made headlines around the state after an incident in Blount County last Wednesday.

Summer Chaney, 36, was traveling on I-65 with three of her children when she left the interstate at the Hayden exit.

Chaney stopped at a gas station and left her 5-yearold and 2-year-old sitting on a blanket on a grassy area in front of the station.

She got back in her car and returned to the interstate where she pulled off the road and flagged down a passing motorist.

Chaney handed her 8-month-old child to the motorist, telling him before running into the woods that border the roadway she had to “go save the world.”

Authorities were alerted and a search of the area revealed the woman’s clothes, which she had apparently shed as she entered the woods.

Chaney was taken into custody later that afternoon after being spotted by a volunteer fireman.

She was held in the Blount County Correctional Facility till Friday when she was transferred to another facility for a mental evaluation.

Each of the children was returned to its father.