Bruce McAfee

Bruce McAfee

Bruce McAfee

Age: 67

Born in/resides in: Born in Altoona; resides in Susan Moore

Family details: Married to Sara Gilliland McAfee with two grown children: Michael, 42, and Daniel, 37 Education

Graduated Altoona High School, 1964. Graduated Auburn University 1968 with bachelor’s degree. Graduated Jacksonville State University 1977 with master’s degree in school administration.

Work background
•26 years as Susan Moore High School teacher, coach
•6 years as Susan Moore High school principal
•12 years as Blount County Board of Education member

Qualifications for school board job
•44 years’ service in Blount County schools as coach,
principal, and school board member
•Currently serving as president of Blount County
Board of Education
•Member of Alabama Association of School Boards

Why do you want the job?

“I want to be an advocate for teachers, administrators, and support staff in our local schools. I want to serve parents, students, and teachers of my area in a professional manner. And I want to help provide students with the best education possible in a challenging society.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“A vote for Bruce McAfee is a vote for experience and leadership. I have been involved in public education for 44 years. I am currently chairman of the Blount County Board of Education. I support the state common core standards and the Alabama College and Career-Ready Standards. Blount County has an excellent school system. I am blessed to be a part of it.

“There are several projects I would like to see completed during my next term. A lunchroom at Susan Moore Elementary School and renovations of the Susan Moore High School entrance and administrative offices are two of the most urgent. Thanks for your vote and support.”