Brett King

Brett King

Brett King

Age: 36

Born/resides in: Born and resides in Locust Fork.

Family details: married to Danya Alsabrook King, with three children: Ella Brook, 5, Zeth, 4, and Asa, 2.

1996 – graduated Locust Fork High
1998 – graduated Jefferson State Community College with associates degree
2001 – graduated Auburn University with
bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering

2003 – graduated Yale University
with master’s degree in environmental
2006 – graduated University of
Alabama with law degree

Work background
•mathematics instructor (part time) at
Jefferson State Community College
•2006 – founded and owns King &
Green, LLC, general law firm with offices
in Locust Fork and Birmingham
•2007 – cofounded with father King &
Son Properties to renovate residential

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
•Locust Fork Baptist Church, member
since 1985
•2012 State Bar Leadership Forum
•Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of
Commerce – board of directors.
•Locust Fork Masonic Lodge #481–
two-time Master (2011, 2012)
•Blount County Historical Society –
past president

Why are you running for office?
•“Because I have an absolute conviction that this is God’s will for my life at this
time. The easy route would be for me (and
others) to simply write off Montgomery
(and Washington) as beyond repair. But
we all know things will not get better if
good people don’t try…My goal…has
always been to help as many people as I
can in the time I have on earth.”

State your qualifications for office.
•Father of three. Interested in ensuring
every child has a chance to reach maximum potential.

•Small business owner. Understands
the challenges our businesses face.
•Attorney for municipalities and water
•Everyday contact with cross-section
of people.
•Broad educational foundation.
Ability to sift through lobbyist spin to
understand true impact of legislation.

State your platform priorities
•Education – more of our tax dollars
should go to classrooms; teachers shouldn’t have to pay for classroom supplies.
•Jobs – using incentives and decreasing red tape, we can bring in more jobs.
•Term limits/ethics reform – former
legislators working as lobbyists is big
problem that has eroded people’s trust in
government; pledges to serve no more
than 12 years.

If there was one issue you would want associated with your candidacy above all others, what would it be?

(It would be) “restoring honor to service in Montgomery… I intend to make decisions in Montgomery guided by my convictions and faith, without fear of the political consequences.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“As you will learn in the coming weeks, I am a different sort of candidate. If you want business as usual, vote for one of my opponents. But if you want someone with new ideas, unbridled enthusiasm, a deep sense of optimism about what can be done, and a work ethic second to none, I am your guy. In service, my goal will be to get this district working together: Blount-Jefferson; Hayden-Warrior; Clay-Trussville; Oneonta-West Blount. Some say it is impossible. I say, ‘Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.’”