Breast cancer care packages



When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer and begins that long road of worry, treatment, and endless doctor visits, friends and family often want to help by sending care packages as a gesture of their love for the cancer patient. Their intent is to make their loved one as comfortable as possible by sending thoughtful gifts.

So, what is the perfect gift choice? Because each situation is different, gift options will vary. Here are just a few options that can make a person feel even more loved while they fight the battle of breast cancer.

The cancer patient will likely be spending time at clinics and hospitals for treatment. These facilities are often unpleasantly cold; therefore, soft blankets and warm socks are a welcomed and useful gift. Moisturizers and lip balm will help keep their skin and lips from drying out.

Because treatment visits are lengthy at times, a variety of snacks and water may be something you want to include in a gift basket. A good book, magazines, puzzle books, or anything inspirational can offer support and can help ease the downtime.

Other gift basket ideas can include: a port pillow; a silk eye mask; loungewear such as PJs, robes, slippers, and socks; or headgear, such as scarves and headbands. Some things, such as a back scratcher or zipper puller, an insulated water bottle, all-natural beauty products, and dry shampoo are other gift items to consider.

Running errands or picking up children is often a tremendous help. Other kind gestures can include walking dogs or scheduling a cleaning service or meal service delivery for the patient. Would your loved one enjoy a spa day? This is just an additional way to show your love.

Just like each diagnosis is unique, so is each person. Think about what your loved one may need or want as they go through this challenge life has thrown into their path.