Book Review

Noah’s Wife
by T.K. Thorne

Noah’s Wife is a historical fiction novel set long ago when the Black Sea was a freshwater lake. This is the time in which geologists believe a great flood occurred in the Black Sea region (5500 BCE). Na’amah, the novel’s main character, is an intelligent, attractive woman suffering from a form of autism that has others questioning whether her brain is fully functional. She feels responsible for her mother’s death during childbirth, and this is something her brother never lets her forget.

Before the death of her father, Na’amah is promised to Noah, a boat builder. She meets Noah as a child and he is impressed by her honesty. He is so impressed, in fact, that he asks her father for her hand in marriage. As a bridal promise to Na’amah, Noah builds her a boat house and continues adding to it throughout the novel.

When Na’amah is old enough to be married, a young man she considers to be a friend asks her to marry him. When she reveals that she is already promised to Noah, she is attacked by a group of his friends. Na’amah’s own brother is in that group.

Hoping to avoid further violence, Na’amah runs away. She is captured by slavers and begins work to try to escape them. An encounter with a “Priestess of the Goddess” shows her that she is much more special than she ever realized. Na’amah now knows she must return home to try to save her people from a disaster only she knows is coming.

My thoughts: Thorne mixes her story with settings based on archeological findings, information about ancient cultures, and her own personal travels to places like Turkey and Israel. I have read this book more than once. Each time I read it, I enjoy the journey. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well-researched, entertaining story.

Thorne’s other works include Last Chance for Justice, Angels at the Gate, and a novel to be released on Nov. 13 titled House of Rose. Thorne usually visits Oneonta Public Library at least once per year, so be on the lookout.

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