Board to replace obsolete water tank with new, larger model

Blountsville Utility Board

The Blountsville Utility Board will replace the 90,000-gallon water tank that has served the town for nearly three-quarters of a century with a new 300,000-gallon tank that will eliminate the need for costly repairs to the chronically leaking old tank, according to Utility Board chairman Bobby Griffin.

Griffin said installation of the new tank will begin late this fall with an in-service date expected in early- to mid-2020. He said the $700,000 project was made possible by a grant/loan from a state revolving fund which provides a grant for half the amount and a loan at very favorable rates for the remaining half. The project includes a new pumping station to lift water into the new tank.

Benefits to the system and townspeople include:

• greater system capacity

• more stable and uniform water pressure

• better fire protection from more reliable water source

• energy savings from new energy-efficient pump

• elimination of a recurring cost component in the form of repairs to the old tank

• more efficient operation overall

• no rate increase for customers

“It’s a wonderful thing providing savings to the system and benefits to ratepayers,” Griffin said. “It’s also a tribute to the operation and management initiative of the Utility Board.”