Board of Education New elementary principals for Locust Fork and Blountsville

The Blount County Board of Education named new principals last week for Locust Fork and Blountsville elementary schools.

Hayden Middle School assistant principal Shannon Lakey was named principal of Blountsville Elementary School while Hayden Elementary reading coach Amy B. Williamson was picked to lead Locust Fork Elementary.

Both former principals – Mark Carter at Locust Fork and Kay Smallwood at Blountsville – resigned this summer.

In other business, the board acted on the recommendation of Supt. Jim Carr and:

•granted leaves of absence to four system employees.

•accepted the resignations of Alayna Horton, speech pathologist, Susan Moore Elementary; Chris Canady, teacher, Susan Moore High; Bebe McCool, teacher, Hayden High; Kay F. Smallwood, principal, Blountsville Elementary; Inez Smith, secretary, Hayden High; and Amy T. Langley, guidance counselor, Susan Moore High.

•hired David J. Simmons, utility bus driver; Katherine Morgan Graves, family and consumer-science teacher, Appalachian High; Arianne Mildred Dobbs, math teacher, Hayden Middle; Amanda B. Patrick, science teacher, Hayden Middle; Lauren Vandiver, special education teacher, Locust Fork High; Joseph N. Whited, computer applications teacher, Locust Fork High; Lori Nicole Pierce, special education teacher, Susan Moore Elementary; Wesley Michael Harden, social studies teacher, Susan Moore High; Matthew Robinson, science teacher, Susan Moore High; Ginger Gable Newman, teacher, Blountsville Elementary; Curtis Ray Atkinson Jr., science teacher, Appalachian High; Ashlin D. Young, special education teacher, Susan Moore High; and William O. Smith, science teacher, Cleveland High.

•approved the salary schedule for the 2010-2011 school year.

•agreed to require each school principal and each school bookkeeper to be bonded in the amount of $100,000. It will be the local school’s responsibility to provide the bond.

•entered into an agreement with the East Coast Migrant Head Start Program, Chandler Mountain to provide services for preschool children with disabilities. A copy of the agreement is on file in the superintendent’s office.

•contracted with Jordan Hock to assist in the preparation of textbooks for distribution this summer. She will be paid $10 per hour, not to exceed $1000, from the general fund.

•contracted with Kerry Mataya/ Autism Asperger Syndrome Consulting Group to provide independent educational evaluations for two Hayden Primary students this summer. The company will receive $50 per hour from IDEA Part B or general fund or ARRA fund.

•allowed the transfer of two students to the Jefferson County system with the stipulation that Blount County assumes no liability in relation to the release.

•agreed to pay $150 stipends to Nancy Dowdy, Vicki Heron, Donna Sellers, Charles Shirley, Kim Smith, Rebecca Smith, and Kay Williams for attending a Promethean Beyond the Essentials training on June 13 at Locust Fork High. Each will be paid from EETT ARRA Competitive grant funds.

•allowed Rainbow Arnold, Stacy Arnold, and Steven Lyles to work with the Hayden High band during this summer’s camp (July 26 through Aug. 6). Each will be paid $1000 from the band’s funds.

•allowed Mary St. Laurent (color guard instructor) and Gary McKinney (percussion instructor) to work with the Locust Fork High band during this summer’s camp. Each will be paid $700 from the school’s local funds.

•approved Cody King (baseball) and Amanda McKinney (band) as non-compensated volunteers at Locust Fork High during the 2010-2011 school year.

•amended the Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) remediation contract with Terri Hubauer. The contract amount increased from $400 to $1000 to include tutoring during the summer.

•contracted with Mendy Barnett King to provide extended school year services to three Hayden Primary students one day per week during June and July. She will be paid $30 per hour from IDEA Part B funds.

•approved parent-student handbooks for Appalachian High, the Blount County Learning Center, Cleveland Elementary, Cleveland High, Hayden Primary, Hayden Elementary, Hayden Middle, Hayden High, and Locust Fork High schools.

•allowed Randy Daniel to conduct volleyball camps at Cleveland, J.B. Pennington, and Locust Fork high schools during the month of June. He will be paid $40 per player per day from each school’s funds.

•allowed Vicki Wallis, STI manager at Locust Fork High, to work additional days this summer. She will be paid at her hourly rate from the school’s local funds.

•agreed to pay Ruth Smith and/or Wanda Anderson to open the Hayden Primary library during this summer. Each will be paid $20 per hour for the time worked, not to exceed 15 hours, from the school’s PTO funds.

•allowed Hayden Primary to employ Parker Thomas this summer to move furniture and perform other miscellaneous tasks. He will be paid at the boardapproved hourly rate, not to exceed 30 hours, from the school’s local funds.

•allowed Susan Moore High to employ Justin Hawkins this summer to paint, clean, move furniture, and perform other miscellaneous tasks. He will be paid at the board-approved hourly rate, not to exceed $500, from the school’s local funds.

•contracted with Kate Graves to provide remediation for sections of the AHSGE not passed to J.B. Pennington students through Sept. 3, 2010. She will be paid $12.50 per hour, not to exceed $400, from High Hopes funds.

Finally, the board extended contracts with Flowers Baking Company (bread) and Osborn Brothers (chemicals) at the previously approved bid prices through June 3, 2011.

Present at the June 10 meeting were board members Andy Neill, Gregg Armstrong, Bruce McAfee, Chris Latta, and Craig Johnson, Carr, assistant superintendent Rodney Green, board secretary Karla Latham, and several visitors.