Board approves five-year capital plan

Oneonta City Board of Education



The Oneonta City Board of Education approved the annual five-year capital projects plan (see chart below), along with other operating recommendations of Superintendent Daniel Smith at its regular meeting Monday evening. The capital plan is forwarded to the State Department of Education during the month of September each year. The board also appointed member Sharon Breaseale as representative to the Alabama Association of School Boards delegate assembly.

The board also approved the following operating recommendations:

• overnight out-of-state field trip for the high school marching band to Nashville, Dec. 6-7.

• maternity leave requests for Stefanie

Weston, middle school STEAM facilitator, from approximately Dec. 6, 2019, through Feb. 13, 2020; and Vanna Thomas, fourth-grade teacher, from approximately Nov. 1 through Dec. 19.

• Tracy Rotenberry as maternity leave substitute teacher for Vanna Thomas.

• contracts for 2019-2020 school year: Educational Evaluations, Janie Smith, psychometrist; Pediatric Therapy Associates, Debbie Collins, physical therapy; Kristal Moman, occupational therapist; Lindsay Yarbrough, occupational therapist assistant (all paid from IDEA, federal funds for special needs students); JBS Mental Health, certified therapist and behavioral consulting (Title I funds).