Board approves emergency resolution

Blount County Board of Education

The Blount County Board of Education in a special meeting last week passed a resolution acknowledging the authority of the Superintendent of Blount County Schools to take wide-ranging actions as necessary without the board’s prior approval to operate the school district during the duration of the coronavirus emergency period ending no later than June 5.

Specifically, the resolution grants the superintendent the authority to:

• take action as needed to implement the written guidance of the State Superintendent of Education regarding methods of instruction, student attendance, high school credit, meal distribution, and other issues.

• limit access to public school grounds and property during the system closure.

• close or repurpose any school facility without further action by the board during the emergency.

• direct staff assignments or reassignments during the closure period.

• waive the requirement to advertise for bids and observe competitive bid procedures during the emergency period.

• arrange for public board meetings to be conducted electronically, provided a reasonable effort is made to permit the public to observe or listen using available technology.

The board held a regular business meeting Monday, April 6. Actions taken during that meeting will be reported next week.