Blountsville to erect new pavilions

During last week’s meeting, the Blountsville Town Council voted to purchase the materials needed to build two new pavilions at the ballpark in the area around the pool. Monies from the town’s Capital Improvement Fund will be used to make the purchases and volunteers, including councilman Michael Glass, have agreed to donate the time and labor required to erect the two structures. Both pavilions will be approximately 20-by-20 feet, on concrete slabs, and each will have a metal roof.

The council discussed some of the numerous benefits these pavilions will bring, including providing a place for families to hold picnics, a place for parents to sit and watch ball games out of the sun, and a place for swimmers to find shade as well. The council also approved a motion to allow Mayor Randy Millwood to purchase new lounge chairs for the pool area. The mayor again expressed his appreciation to the pool employees for all of their hard work, and commented on the great landscaping job that was recently completed there, along with the restriping of the parking lot.

In other business, the mayor told the council that Dorothy Yarbrough, a long-time employee of the Blountsville Public Library, will be retiring at the end of July. He went on to mention what a dedicated worker she has been, and that he wishes her well in the future. A hiring board will meet soon to discuss the plans in regards to this job vacancy.

The 9-10 year old boys baseball team is planning to participate in all star tournaments later this month, and several of the players’ parents asked the mayor to request to the council that the town cover the cost for the 10 players’ shirts and caps. A motion was passed to cover the costs on behalf of the team, and to reimburse the team coach for the cost of mandatory patches he purchased for the uniforms.

The topic of vacancies on several of the town’s boards was again mentioned. The mayor announced Clemons Ayers, who has served for many years on the town’s Utilities Board, is resigning, effective June 5, due to health reasons.

Councilman Barry Smith noted that the emergency lights on both of the town’s street vehicles are not working properly. A motion was approved to make the necessary repairs or purchase replacements. The mayor asked Police Chief Ray Baxley, also present at the meeting, to handle this matter.

Attending the June 4 council meeting, in addition to Millwood, Glass, and Smith were council members Ken Wilson, Marlin Murphree, and Ken Mullins. Town attorney Dalton Nesmith and a couple of visitors were also in attendance.

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, at 6 p.m.