Blountsville seeks additional grant funding

During Monday night’s council meeting, Blountsville Mayor Randy Millwood thanked the approximately 30 volunteers who helped with the town’s annual Clean-up Day held last Saturday.

The volunteers, along with several town employees and police officers, worked from 8 a.m. until noon in different areas of the town, cleaning up debris and other unwanted items, as part of a general effort to improve the town’s appearance.

During Monday’s meeting, the council also approved the placement of an additional dumpster outside of the town hall, which will remain there through the end of this month for citizens to dispose of large trash or debris items.

Other business items addressed at Monday’s meeting included the approval of a motion to apply for a recreational trails grant, as well as a planning funds grant. The recreational trails grant would help to fund items such as walking trails, and the planning funds grant would help to fund downtown revitalization, which would include funds to aid in the drainage problems the town faces.

At a previous meeting, the council passed a motion to purchase a new police car on a 36-month, lease-to-purchase plan, however, the price they were quoted did not include certain items that the vehicle must have, such as a spare tire, vinyl seating, and a lights-package. At Monday night’s meeting, the motion was approved to increase the monthly payments for the police car so that the vehicle will included these necessary items.

The council voted not to participate in the sales tax holiday program scheduled for Aug. 3-5, 2012.

Council members were presented with the General Funds financial reports for the period ending March 31, 2012 for their review.

A public hearing was also held Monday night, 30 minutes prior to the council meeting. Kevin Kessler, of Community Consultants, Inc. was present at the hearing to explain the community development grant program, the processes involved in applying for the funds, and to answer any questions from the public concerning the program. There were no questions asked by the public attending the hearing.

Council members attending the April 16 meeting, in addition to the mayor were Michael Glass, Barry Smith, Ken Wilson, Marlin Murphree, and Ken Mullins.

The next council meeting will be Monday, May 7, at 6 p.m.