Blountsville offering amnesty program

For the month of September, and possibly October, the town of Blountsville will be offering an amnesty program to those in need of paying their fines and clearing outstanding warrants.

“We’re giving people with outstanding warrants the opportunity to pay their fines so they won’t be arrested, they can save money, and get their name cleared in the process,” said Blountsville Mayor Michael Glass. “No one has been coming in and this will be a good opportunity for the town to collect revenue.”

According to Blountsville court clerk Diane Neely, approximately $275,000 in fines are overdue.

“Blountsville Municipal Judge, Chess Bedsole, will grant an Amnesty Month during September 2013 for people to clear outstanding warrants on failure to appear, failure to comply, and bail jumping for any of the following reasons – not appearing in court on an original charge, not completing a court-ordered program, have outstanding fines, court costs and/or restitution, or warrants for writing bad check(s),” according to a Blountsville Municipal Court press release.

The release states the defendant must pay all outstanding fines, court costs and/or restitution on that day, and if a court-ordered program was not completed, the court will re-enroll the defendant in that program.

Glass says the town council first began considering the amnesty program after they saw it work successfully in Jefferson County municipalities.

“Seeing that prompted us to look into this possibility, and we decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it out,” Glass said.

For now, the mayor says Blountsville will only offer the program in September, but if it does well the council will consider continuing it for October as well.

To pay a fine, visit the Blountsville Town Hall. For more information and a detailed description of amnesty court qualifications, call 429-2406.

“When you come in to pay, there will be no questions asked, and you can walk out with no harassment,” Glass says