Blountsville getting ready

Christmas at Blountsville will indeed be special if business and property owners follow requests of Blountsville Business Association’s president Allen T. Gilliland.

“Please assist in decorating our town the day after Thanksgiving with as many lights as you wish,” Gilliland asks in his letter. He urges everyone to decorate with wreaths and lighted trees on Main Street and at homes to “give a great Main Street view for people” who come through town.

He requests that decorations be removed Jan. 3.

Blountsville Business Association will have Christmas lunch at Martha’s Something Special Friday, Dec. 2, when state Sen. Clay Scofield will speak. Serving of the dutch-treat meal will begin at 11:30, and diners will leave by 12:59 to get to their businesses for the beginning of Christmas Open House.

Santa will arrive at town hall at 6 p.m. to light the town Christmas tree and to have photographs made until every child is seen. Church groups will entertain.

Gilliland invites business people to attend association meetings, held the third Thursday morning of each month, generally at Cadence Bank. The association is putting together a 2012 calendar of tentative activities designed to promote business in town. Association $50 annual dues go for the same purpose.