Blount County Sheriff candidates profiles

Three candidates will vie for the job of Blount County sheriff on June 3: incumbent Loyd Arrington, and challengers Mike Crawford, a former Birmingham police officer, and Alabama state trooper Kevin Price. All are Republicans. No Democrats qualified for the office.

The salary for the sheriff’s job is $58,795. Because he is retired from a state job, Loyd Arrington is paid only $23,000 by Blount County, according to state retirement rules. Term length for the position of sheriff is four years. Duties of the sheriff, prescribed by state law, are condensed in the box accompanying this article. All three candidates comment on duties of the job.

Profiles are based on information provided by the candidates themselves, in response to a questionnaire sent to them by The Blount Countian. Responses were edited for comparable length by the newspaper.

Duties of the sheriff as prescribed by state law

(condensed) •to execute and return the process and orders of the courts •to obey lawful orders and directions of the district, circuit, and probate courts •to render to the county treasury, three days before the beginning of each circuit court session, a statement of funds received for the county, and pay that amount to the treasury •to apprehend and arrest criminals, secure evidence of crimes, and report such evidence to the district attorney or assistant district attorneyto perform other duties as imposed by law