Blount County school bus involved in accident on Ala 160

A Blount County school bus carrying 10 to 12 Hayden students was involved in an accident on Ala 160, according to Blount County Asst. Supt. Rodney Green. The accident occurred Friday just before 7 a.m. The bus had begun its route and had not picked up many students. One student did suffer from a busted lip but was not transported to a hospital.

The bus was traveling eastbound toward the school when a car traveling westbound crossed over, striking the bus on the front driver’s side.

“We aren’t exactly sure what caused the driver of the car to come into the other lane,” Green said. “But we do know weather was not a factor.”

Green had been told the car contained three passengers along with the driver, and none were seriously injured or transported to a local hospital.

Students were picked up by another bus and taken to Hayden Primary where they were examined by paramedics and the school nurse. Parents were contacted immediately. Once parents arrived, some students left with them, but most went to their class, Green said.

The bus involved in the accident is being repaired and not running the route as of now.

“The bus sustained a firm impact,” Green said. “It was traveling at a slow rate of speed. I’m not sure how fast the car was traveling, but once the car made contact with the bus, it was spun around, went into a ditch, and was heavily damaged.”