Blount County qualifiers to date for local and legislative offices

The chart below shows candidates who have qualified as of Tuesday, Jan. 28, to run for county offices and legislative offices affecting Blount County. No new candidates qualified this week for local office. All those shown are Republicans. No Democratic candidates have yet qualified to run for any Blount County office. The deadline for qualifying for both parties is Feb. 7.

Sheriff (I) Loyd Arrington

Commissioner, District 1 (I) Allen Armstrong

Commissioner, District 3 (I) Dean Calvert Patrick Bryant Pat Hyde

Revenue Commissioner (I) Gregg Armstrong Ann Self

Blount County Board of Education, District 3 (Susan Moore) (I) Bruce McAfee

Coroner No qualifiers

State Representative, District 11 (I) Randall Shedd

State Representative, District 13 (I) Bill Roberts

State Representative, District 27 Will Ainsworth

State Representative, District 34 (I) David Standridge

State Senator, District 9 No qualifiers

As information, the chart below shows annual salaries and qualifying fees for each county office in the election.

Office Salary Fee
Sheriff $58,795 $1,175.90
County commissioner $35,000 $700
Revenue commissioner $68,910.14 $1,378.20
Coroner $12,120 $242.40
Board of Education $7,200 $144