Blount County Economic Development Council officially incorporated as nonprofit



Sen. Clay Scofield of Summit, left, hands across to chief probate clerk Bonnie Montey certificates required to establish the Economic Development Council as an official entity ready to do business in Blount County. He has been a part of planning leading to the formation of the corporation and instrumental, with the county commission, in its creation. Probate Judge and Commission Chairman Chris Green stands ready to receive the documents, at right. State law requires that a Certificate of Name Reservation and Certificate of Formation be filed with the probate judge in the county where the corporation is to be headquartered. The commission passed the resolution Dec. 10, 2013, sanctioning the formation of the corporation to handle economic development-related activities in the county. Fourteen board members have been appointed, and in the coming months, will be trained on the corporation’s mission and powers. It should assume its full responsibilities as an independently functioning entity by early to mid-summer this year. – Ron Gholson