Blount County Commission

Commissioner, District 4 $41,954.90 salary

Gary Stricklin incumbent

Gary Stricklin incumbent

Gary Stricklin

Personal profile
Age: 62
Born in Birmingham
Resides in Cleveland
Family details: married to Sally
Stricklin, with children David Stricklin
and Lorinda Kirby; step-children Lana
Yarbrough and Leah Walker
High school: Banks High School,
graduating in 1971
Work background
• currently District 4 commissioner,
since 2012
• owner of Stricklin Services, general
contractor in Cleveland, since 1986
• owner of S&S Car Wash, three
locations, since 1988
• owner of S&S Mini Storage, Cleveland,
since 1996
• owner of S&S Chevron convenience
store, Cleveland, since 1999
• on-job experience, having served in
this job for four years
• extensive business background
confers ability to manage county and
district affairs, work with road crews,
and communicate with public
Describe the value of your incumbency
District 4 is special to me because of the
people. They gave me the opportunity to
serve them and I am committed to keep
District 4 moving forward. I have shown I
can work for the people and with the mayors and leaders of each town and community to better the district.
Special concerns
There are needs for road improvements
in District 4 and throughout the county. I
have concerns about finding better ways
and more resources to make
these improvements possible.

Statement to voters: I want to thank the people of District 4 for your support during this term of office. I have realized we cannot be everywhere all the time to see the needs of what you see, and it is YOU, the citizens of District 4 that help make this district great, and I thank you… I have made decisions that affect the entire county. As we have pulled together from all ends of this county, we have a better place to live as a result. I ask for your vote on March 1. I commit to work with you to make Blount County a better place to live.