Blount County burglaries solved

Sheriff Loyd Arrington told The Blount Countian last week that as many as 26 Blount County burglaries dating as far back as June of 2012 have been accounted for with the arrest two weeks ago of a suspect now being held in the St. Clair County jail.

The suspect has so far confessed to a total of 38 burglaries covering Jefferson, Blount, and St. Clair counties. There may be more as the case unfolds.

The suspect, a heroin addict and dealer, was not identified pending further information that may be developed concerning illegal drug activity.

Blount County Sheriff’s Department investigator Robert DePaemelaere said that stolen property recovered has not been fully inventoried yet but includes at least 20 long guns, 10 big screen TVs, costume jewelry, and several laptops, and other items. Genuine jewelry was included among items stolen, but has already been disposed of and is probably not recoverable, he said.

Further details will be provided when they are available.