Summer business continues

The Blount County Board of Education continued to prepare for the upcoming school year during last week’s meeting by approving several personnel decisions and awarding food-service bids.

Several new system employees were approved, including Edward Joseph Love, English teacher, Hayden High; Renee Beaube and Alicia M. Thompson, speechlanguage pathologists for all schools; Stephanie Bagwell, teacher, Hayden Elementary; Greg Gober, math teacher, Cleveland High; Heather N. Bullard, English teacher, Cleveland High; Lisa Meeder, guidance counselor, Susan Moore High; and Susan Styles Parker, school secretary/ receptionist, Hayden High.

Resignations were accepted from Amy B. Mills, teacher, Locust Fork Elementary, and Alvin McKinney, music teacher and band director, Locust Fork High.

Several transfers were made, including one that filled an administrative opening. Kim Harbison, formerly a teacher at Hayden Primary, was transferred to the position of assistant principal at Hayden Middle School.

Bids approved include frozen dairy products ($38,343.19 – Mayfield Dairy Farms), beverages ($30,354.65 – Buffalo Rock), and milk (Barber Dairies; $294,161.88 for paper cartons; $391,223.28 for plastic bottles).

The bid for food items was awarded to Osborn Brothers Inc. The contract is for the period from Aug. 2, 2010, to Dec. 17, 2010.

A copy of each bid tally sheet is on file in the superintendent’s office.

The board also approved bids for lunchroom equipment.

Dixie Store Fixtures bid $15,956 for a hydroconvection oven at Susan Moore High and Bresco bid $38,391 for a gas combination steamer at J.B. Pennington and $32,877 for an electric combination steamer at Appalachian.

In other business, the board acted on the recommendation of Supt. Jim Carr and:

•transferred math teacher Tara Gail Parkins from J.B. Pennington to Appalachian High; teacher Jada Tolbert from Blountsville Elementary to Appal- achian School; and teacher Stephanie Adams from Appalachian School to Blountsville Elementary. Teachers Kristen Boshell (Hayden Elementary) and Belinda McCay (Locust Fork Elementary) were transferred to the position of reading coach at their respective schools, and Blountsville Elementary teacher Kathleen R. Sosebee was named media specialist at the school.

•contracted with Darren J. Butler, consultant for Onstage Consulting, to serve as a writing consultant for two sessions (Aug. 10 and Sept. 23) to work with teachers and students at Cleveland Elementary. He will be pair $400 per day, not to exceed $800, from Title I FY2010 ARRA funds. He was also contracted to work six other sessions (Oct. 21, Nov. 22, Jan. 20, Feb. 11, March 3, and May 12) at $400 per day, not to exceed $2400, from Title I FY2011 ARRA funds.

•entered into an agreement with Community Action Partnership of North Alabama Inc. Head Start Program to provide services to diagnose disabled eligible preschool children participating in the program in the district.

•entered into an agreement with the Alabama Department of Education to provide tutoring and instructional materials for the system’s at-risk students.

•entered into an agreement with Southwest Water Company to operate the wastewater treatment facilities at Southeastern, Susan Moore, and Locust Fork, and the pump stations at Hayden High and Hayden Primary for the twoyear period beginning May 1, 2010. A copy of the agreement is on file in the superintendent’s office.

•paid the Blount County Resource Team members a stipend, not to exceed $200, to work as table facilitators during the 2010 Teacher Induction Program. The funds will come from the FY10 Community Foundation Grant.

•paid teachers Lauren Vandiver (Locust Fork High) and Ashlin Young (Susan Moore High) $150 per day for attending Promethean training on July 13. The two will be paid from EETT ARRA Competitive Grant funds.

•entered into a physical therapy agreement with Pediatric Therapy Associates Inc. for the period of one year beginning Aug. 12, 2010. The company will be paid $72 per hour for services rendered, including travel time.

•approved a field trip request for 16 members of the Hayden High wrestling team to attend a camp at Appalachian State University (Boone, N.C.) July 5-9.

•approved Scotty Hazelrig as a noncompensated volunteer at Locust Fork High during the 2010-2011 school year.

•paid Cindy Williams to work an additional 20 days this summer to complete program and for updates, plan revisions, program evaluations, and other federal requirements. She will be paid at her daily rate from Title I FY10 funds.

•allowed the Cleveland High varsity cheerleaders to host a youth cheer camp fundraiser July 29-30. Participants will be charged $45 for the camp.

•paid Judy Fincher, Justin Miller, Connie Millwood, Jennifer Smith, Jarrod Smitherman, and Alan Timmerman $125 each to attend the Summer Leadership Team Retreat. They will be paid from J.B. Pennington High’s local Title I funds.

•approved United Healthcare Insurance Company as the provider of the student insurance for the 2010-2011 school year.

•approved a $150 payment to the Alabama Association of School Boards Legal Assistance Fund for the 2010-2011 school year.

•approved an $11,500 payment for membership fees to the Alabama Association of School Boards.

•allowed Cleveland High to enter into a maintenance agreement with Federalgraphics, LLC, to provide service, maintenance, and supplies for the school’s three copiers. The is for the period from May 22, 2010, to May 21, 2011.

Finally, the board approved a $350 payment for the blanket accident and health/special risk insurance to cover the Alabama Occupational Diploma students (approximately 30) for the 2010- 2011 school year. The insurance premium will be paid from the general fund.

Present at the July 1 meeting were board members Andy Neill, Gregg Armstrong, Bruce McAfee, Chris Latta, and Craig Johnson, board secretary Karla Latham, and several visitors.

Several of the new teachers were introduced to the board at the end of the meeting.