Blount Countian online poll shows big lead for wet vote

The Blount Countian’s online poll, taken for four weeks over the period Aug. 27 to the week of Sept. 17, tallied totals of 559 votes (69 percent) in favor of legalization of alcoholic beverage sales in Blount County to 239 votes (30 percent) against legalization; 11 votes (11 percent) showed “no opinion.” The question as stated in the poll was “Should Blount County be wet or dry?”

The total of 809 votes was by far the largest vote recorded on any topic presented on the paper’s website in the last two years. Other questions included: Should residents of Oneonta be allowed to vote on legalization of alcoholic beverage sales? (210 total votes: yes, 158 vs. no, 52). Who got your vote for Governor, Bentley or Sparks? (202 total votes; Bentley, 129 vs. Sparks, 73). Who do you favor for Blount County district attorney? (254 total votes, with Pamela Casey getting the majority).

The referendum on the wet/dry question is scheduled for the general election on Nov. 6. Voter opinions are considered to be still OCTOBER 3, 2012 / changing a month before the election, with the effect of substantial recent advertising expenditures still an open question.

A large turnout is expected for the

Presidential election this year. It is a matter of speculation which side of the alcohol referendum a large turnout favors, although some observers believe a small turnout would favor the dry vote.

The current online poll features voter preferences for the six candidates for House District 34 state representative. Since being posted a week ago, poll numbers are still too small to indicate a clear trend.

To see the poll status a reader may go to the Blount Countian website, vote in the poll, and an updating panel will show the percentage of the vote total for each candidate.