Get ready! The 17th annual Bloom–N– Pie Days are comin’ at’cha this weekend and next, June 8 and 9, and June 15 and 16.

Same time as always: 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day. Same place: Dunn’s Daylily Garden at 2395 Skyball Road, located on the right going west on Skyball Road, 1.3 miles from its intersection with Joy Road (County Road 37), south of Blountsville.

Same order of activity, as well. Check out about 1,000 varieties of gorgeous, extravagently brilliant, and subtly nuanced pastels, with fancy crinkled margins, over-the-top spider designs, and two- and three-toned color combos. Daylilies, that is. All spread over an acre or so of undulating, shade-dappled gardens perfect for browsing while deciding which blooms you can no longer live without. They’re for sale! Already potted.

Not to mention the fried pies. Whaddaya mean “not to mention”? Fresh, homemade fried pies? They’re as much worth the trip as the lilies – more so, some would say. Depends purely on whether you’re a lily person or a pie person. Put the two together – lilies and pies – add a little cold sweet tea in the shade, and you’ve got the very definition of a triple whammy, and Dunn’s Daylily Garden’s formula for the laid-back, relaxed, stroll-in-the-country success of Bloom-N-Pie Days.

Don’t forget: drawings will be held at noon on Saturdays and 2 p.m. on Sundays. Assorted plants will be given away, plus door prizes for visitors. Bonus: besides daylilies, a nice selection of hydrangeas will be available, including two new varieities, and other flowery surprises. Getting down to business

Lots of lilies are available for sale in two- and three-gallon pots (several hundred of them) like those shown above. That’s DeLois Dunn peeking out from the lily flags. Each pot contains a sizable clump of lilies with blooms already set, suitable for transplanting in your very own yard or garden. The sampling of varieties shown above include (from left): Double Blood Blood, Omomuki, Timeless Majesty, Dream Theory, Prince of Persia, and Columbian Emerald. There are many more. Many of the two-gallon pots are $8 to $10. Some cost more. Many of the three-gallon pots are priced in the $15 range. A few – the newest varieties that have just become available from celebrity daylily designers (hybridizers) – are more.

Pie flavors (from left) include apple, peach, coconut, pecan, rich chocolate, and sweet potato. Full disclosure: we lost track of the flavors when we were putting out the pies in the photo. But all the flavors will be available. Unless there’s a run on a certain one during the day, which there sometimes is. People are peculiar that way, you know.