Bloom–N–Pie Days this weekend



Remember the days when country folks would visit each other and immediately adjourn to the lawn or garden to poke around looking at the flowers and bushes while they gossiped not only about the name and habit of each plant and where they got a “start” of it, but about everything else under the sun as well? That’s what Bloom-N-Pie Days are like on a slightly larger scale – with refreshments!

The photo gives you a glimpse of the setting. The gardens spread out another 75 yards or so behind the point from where the photo was taken. The little red building in the background is the pie shoppe.

Better hurry if you want to visit Bloom–N–Pie Days while it’s still a delightfully local, little boutique festival. Because it’s growing. The acre or so parking field out toward the tractor shed isn’t going to serve much longer.

It’s 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, though unofficially, it won’t get cranked up Sunday until near midday.

Whether you’re a bloom collector or whether you would visit the daylily gardens of Harold and DeLois Dunn for the sheer love of color, drop by this weekend, wander among aisles of thousands of daylily blooms, sip tea, and sample coconut fried pies in the shade and generally have a relaxed and enjoyable time with like-minded folks. (There are five other pie flavors, too. You could try them all.)

Daylilies in more than 1000 varieties are for sale, as are several varieties of hydrangea, butterfly bushes, knockout and drift roses, figs, and probably other new offerings as well. (See ad on pg. 10).

No more details. Go see for yourself. It’s on Skyball Road – 2395 to be exact. Signs will be out on US 231 between Cleveland and Blountsville to guide you in to the place. It’s a registered display garden, to anyone for whom that really counts. Take a break from the rat race to sniff the lilies and savor the pies.