Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts is the incumbent candidate, running for re-election to House District 13. He was first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2010. House District 13 includes the westernmost part of the Blount County: the Mt. High precinct and about half of the

Smoke Rise precinct. The district includes a sizable portion of Walker county, including Jasper.

Born and resides in: Jasper
Family details: Married to Sandra with
one son, Bruce, 33.

Graduated Curry High School.
Attended Walker Junior College, transferring to the the University of Alabama
where he graduated with a bachelor’s
degree in business management.

Work background
1972-1976 – assistant commissioner of
labor, State of Alabama.
1976-1983 – worked in coal industryrelated jobs.
1984-2002 – vice president of human
resources, CMI International, an automotive aluminum and cast iron machining manufacturer.

Memberships, leadership positions, etc.
House committee assignments:
•Economic Development and Tourism
•Transportation and Infrastructure
•Senior and Child Advocacy Boards
•Agencies and Commissions (vice-chair)

Why are you running for office?
Roberts did not answer the question as asked.
Instead he provided a summary of legislation with
which he was associated in varying degrees during his
first term of office, summarized here:
•strong ethics legislation.
•legislation reducing legislative compensation 25
percent and placing restrictions on future legislative
compensation increases without voter approval.
•legislation to help new businesses start up, locate/
relocate, expand, or otherwise improve their operations.
•sponsored House version of bill to allocate each
teacher $300 a year for classroom supplies.

State your qualifications for office:
No response.

State your platform priorities:
•economic development.
•improving financial condition of state General
Fund, used to fund Medicare, corrections, and most
non-education state agencies.
•addressing many needs of state education system.

If there were one issue you would want associated with
your candidacy above all others, what would it be?
Answer: “Making sure that we have enough goodpaying jobs for those seeking to work.”

Candidate’s statement to voters:
“I am asking that voters return me to the
Legislature to continue the progress that has been
made during the last four years in creating an atmosphere that encourages companies to want to locate or
expand their operations here. I am also proud of the
fact that I have been part of a group that has worked
to reduce government waste by streamlining operations and will continue to seek ways to make state
government more efficient.”