Between the Lines



If you are like me this time of year, you’ve spent all your money on gifts for friends and family. You’ve searched for that perfect gift to give your mom or that special present for your nephew. Giving gifts is something we all love to do. Even though we know it’s not about the gift, giving a wrapped boxed to that special someone make us feel warm and fuzzy. It also makes me remember those people who don’t have anything to give. It’s not that they don’t work hard or that they don’t try and save up for Christmas, but for many this time of year is simply a hardship.

As you tie your bows around colorful wrapping paper and stuff stockings with goodies for Christmas morning, please consider donating to a Blount County program. You’d be surprised to find that there is probably more than one that fits your particular interest.

The Blount County Education Foundation and Oneonta Foundation for Educational Resources support our education and students in Blount County; the Animal Adoption Center helps find homes for man’s best friend; Anchor Ministries helps women start over after abuse or addiction; the Hope House and Children’s Center support families in need in a variety of areas; Friends of the Locust Fork River works diligently to protect our lovely rivers; the Covered Bridge Players and Community Arts Council keep our imaginations churning; local churches welcome in those who are searching for something more.

It is easy to get caught up in the “gift giving” at Christmas, but the reason for the season is to exude love for our fellow man, and there is no shortage of need for that.

Until next time, I hope you find something new here in Blount County. It’s a good old place to call home.

-Richard Phillips