Between the Lines



Do you feel that? It feels like a little bit of normalcy has started to bloom this spring. With a return to some semblance of life before COVID, I hope you are like me and emerge with a greater sense of appreciation for the small things.

While I still wear my mask and don’t think we are fully in the clear just yet, it’s funny how the most mundane task or encounter can be so exhilarating these days. We have spent the past year training ourselves to, well, keep to ourselves… and it was hard. I am certainly not a “touchy-feely” person, but I never knew how much I would miss at least having the option to hug someone.

Spring is about rebirth and new beginnings. I hope this is a new beginning for all of us, fresh with reborn perspective on life in general. What was important for so many years, really isn’t any more. I appreciate the little things now far more than the grand. I relish in the friendly, brief encounters immensely more than the monotony of what I used to call a day. Being able to actually see someone smiling gives me far more pleasure now than it ever did before. I had almost forgotten how to make an expression.

I’m not saying I had become a cold, unfriendly zombie. However you do become more introverted when you have to actively keep your distance from others, shielded by a piece of fabric that hides the expressions we once relied on to read another person. While all were necessary, none were ideal.

So, I guess I’m saying “welcome back”…somewhat. It’s a start anyway, and I’ll gladly smile back.

Your Friend,

Richard Phillips