Between the Lines



A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to leave the comfort of my home and travel abroad on a mission trip to Senegal, Africa. A far cry from the slow and easy life most are afforded in Blount County, I learned the real meaning of poverty and disadvantage. Since I have been home, I have developed an entirely new understanding of the word “grateful”.

In Blount County we are blessed to have a safety net that much of the world will never know. We have a strong network of communities, organizations, and people that have the ability to offer a helping hand when times are tough. In Blount County many are blessed to have enough to share with their neighbor. Folks, that is a valuable resource we should thank God for every single day.

You never really understand the value of a library until you meet people who cannot read. Or the true meaning of plenty until you see those who have nothing. Here, we have libraries full of books; schools full of students; churches full of worshippers; stores full of shoppers; organizations ready to jump in when a person needs help. Here in Blount County we have truly been given opportunities. After all, our county seal tags us as “The Frontier of Opportunity.”

It took me 36 years and a trip to another continent to have a deep realization of just how lucky we are, lucky to be Americans and lucky to be Blount Countians.

Until next time, I hope you find something new here in Blount County. It’s a good old place to call home.