Best-of-thebest quilts chosen at show

Best of Show was this wall hanging by Shirley Hughes of Center Point.

Best of Show was this wall hanging by Shirley Hughes of Center Point.

The 2011 Blount County Quilters Guild Quilt Show, held annually as part of the Covered Bridge Festival, drew several hundred visitors from over the Southeast to Oneonta’s Palisades Park the weekend of Oct 21-Oct. 22.

The judged show featured work in 14 categories by quilters from north Alabama. An outside team of experienced judges selected the winners.

Best of Show was a Christmas-themed wall hanging by Shirley Hughes of Center Point. The appliquéd wall-hanging, which also won first place in the Christmas Items category, featured peppermint candies, gingerbread men, and snow covered cottages. Categories and the winners

Hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted: 1st–Ora Tidwell, Oneonta; 2nd–Karen Thrasher, Blountsville.

Machine-pieced and hand-quilted: 1st–Teresa Phillips, Remlap; 2nd– Virginia Tidwell, Oneonta; 3rd–Mary Casey, Odenville; Honorable Mention–Mary Alice Hart, Center Point.

Hand-pieced and hand-quilted: 1st– Margaret Perrin, Remlap; 2nd–Jean Lesley, Center Point; 3rd–Joan Bynum, Huntsville; honorable mention–Ora Tidwell, Oneonta.

Crib quilts, whole-cloth or embroidered: 1st–Rubye Fox, Boaz.

Crib quilts, machine- or hand-pieced: 1st– Shirley Hughes, Center Point; 2nd– Virginia Tidwell, Oneonta; 3rd–Barbara Hayes, Cleveland.

Mini-quilts, 20 inches or less: 1st– Teresa Phillips, Remlap; 2nd–Linda Blackman, Nectar.

Christmas items and quilts: 1st– Shirley Hughes, Center Point; 2nd–Peggy Ligon, Center Point; 3rd–Jackie May, Center Point; honorable mention; Ruth Davis, Oneonta.

Children up to 12 years: 1st–Raven Fox, Boaz; 2nd–Kendall Roberts, Trafford;

Machine-pieced and machine-quilted, short-arm: 1st–Debbie Hughes, Trussville; 2nd–Rubye Fox, Boaz; 3rd– Kay Calamusa, Remlap.

Machine-pieced and machine-quilted, long-arm: 1st–Blanche Lee Mitchell, Oneonta; 2nd–Kathy Brimer, Birmingham; 3rd–Joan Glover, Dora; honorable mention–Joan Bynum, Guntersville; honorable mention– Janice McClure, Hayden.

Cross-stitched or embroidered: 1st– Lucille Roddam, Birmingham; 2nd–Margie McClure, Center Point; 3rd–Suzanne Smith, Oneonta.

Wall-hangings: 1st–Teresa Phillips, Remlap; 2nd– Blanche Lee Mitchell, Oneonta; 3rd–Virginia Tidwell, Oneonta.

Miscellaneous: 1st–Dorothy Montgomery, Ashville, embroidered pillowcases; 2nd–Joan Bynum, Guntersville, quilted handbag; 3rd–Suzanne Fornaro, Hayden, quilted table runner.

Proceeds from the show and the quilt raffle support the Blount County Quilters Guild community projects. The guild holds an annual scholarship competition for Blount County seniors, conducts quilting classes, teaches quilting to Girl Scouts and home-schooled students, hangs a quilt in the Blount County Memorial Museum each month, displays quilts at town festivals in Oneonta and surrounding counties, participates in the county fair, and donates to several charities.

Membership in the guild is open to anyone interested in the art of quilting. Meetings are at the Quilters Cottage in Palisades Park on Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.