Battling an Epidemic (and Beyond)

Part Three

Participants in HER Recovery recite the Serenity Prayer after a group meeting. _ HER Recovery Program | Facebook

Participants in HER Recovery recite the Serenity Prayer after a group meeting. _ HER Recovery Program | Facebook

Today’s installment in our continuing series on the drug epidemic will explore two residential treatment options for women located in Blount County. Alabama Adult & Teen Challenge, which encompasses Warrior Women’s Center in Hayden, and HER Recovery specialize in helping women understand how to overcome their dependence and start back on the road to living a fulfilling drug-free life.

Warrior Women’s Center

Although today’s information will focus on the Warrior Women’s Center, Adult & Teen Challenge offers faith-based recovery programs in other counties for men and teens. Located at 1726 Rickwood Caverns Road in Hayden, the Warrior Women’s Center offers general addiction services such as inpatient rehabilitation, long-term residential treatment, and substance abuse treatment.

Not only does Warrior Women’s Center provide treatment for drug addiction, they help women overcome any type of life-controlling issue. These may include depression, mental health issues, eating disorders, and any other issue that women are unable to conquer.

The 12-month residential program at the center is faith-based. As the program addresses the life-controlling problem of each resident, it teaches women about the Word of God, how to hide it within their heart, and how to apply the Word to their lives.

While in the program, women attend group sessions, have personal study time, work at a nearby research center, attend church services in the community, learn to be a disciple, and have opportunities to tell others about what God is doing in their life. Through these activities, they are learning to operate in freedom from their addiction.

After 30 days, visiting privileges are granted. From there, privileges increase. After four months, women can be granted 48-hour, off-site visiting privileges. This allows the women to start trying to implement what they have learned as they resume activities in today’s society.

Life coach Tiffany Cosby, who works with the women as they begin their new life, said a recent report about the program revealed that 78 percent of residents remain free from bondage after completing the program, 92.9 percent have no new legal troubles, and 85 percent of graduates are able to restore life with their families and children.

The program, which is for women ages 18 and up, has a one-time intake fee of $650. The application process begins online. Once completed, a phone interview is held. If it is determined the Warrior Women’s Center is the best treatment option, blood work has to be completed and entry into the program begins.

Information and pre-application for any of the programs with Adult & Teen Challenge, including the Warrior Women’s Center, can be found by visiting their website at or by calling 205-647- 6563.

HER Recovery Program

The HER Recovery Program in Cleveland was established in 2018 by Mary Beth Robertson, who recognized that more female facilities were needed as treatment options. Robertson knows exactly what challenges the now-sober women face as they enter society and re-establish themselves after a life of addiction; she has been in their shoes. Robertson just celebrated six years of sobriety this past Monday.

After realizing the need, Robertson set her sights on creating a recovery home for women. With many prayers, mentors, and the financial support of community members, the HER Recovery Program was established. It is a faith-based, 12-step program that helps women achieve sobriety on their way to becoming responsible members of society and finding balance in life.

Not only does the HER Program address the addiction problem, they work with the women by helping them find jobs, transporting them to and from work, church, court, and well/sick doctor visits. They also provide educational information on addiction and require family group sessions because they strongly believe family is a part of the recovery process. Usually within two weeks of entry, the women have employment.

Another focus of the program is to help women reunite with their children. They adhere to any court order in effect. The program also works toward having the women pay off any fines and fees while there, as they want the women to have everything in order when they leave the program.

To enter the HER Recovery Program, an intake assessment is completed to ensure it is the best program for any woman seeking help. Entry can be part of a court order, a self-referral, or through other referral agencies. Women who enter the program must also have a clean drug screen, as there is no doctor on staff and the facility does not have a drug detox unit.

For more information about the HER Recovery Program, to have an intake completed, or to make donations, call 205-559-5641 or 205-446-7183. Information can also be found on their Facebook page, HER Recovery.

Remember, time is of the essence when someone wants help. Any delay could deter a person from continuing to seek help. If you or anyone you know needs immediate help, please call Jodi Cone at 205-274-0624. There is help available; you just have to make your needs known.