Backroad Adventures

-Owen Darden

-Owen Darden

Are you looking for some adventure? Would you like to enjoy meeting people who want to have fun? Would you like to be a part of a community-oriented group? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Blount County Backroad Adventures may just be your answer.

In late May, a group of locals organized as a Facebook group who enjoy “kicking it up on the trails” all while making new friends and having fun. The group, called Blount County Backroad Adventures, loves to explore trails, especially in their Jeeps and other vehicles made for off-road fun.

But, BCBA is not solely about fun. They want to help support local businesses, help the community, and be a part of special events. To date, members have helped clean up trash strewn around Swann Bridge, helped fire victims, been a part of funeral processions and offered support to grieving families, and organized fund-raising events. Their hearts are full and they want to give back. Being a community-oriented group is just as important to the group as having fun.

Members of BCBA meet at least once per week at Kind Kups Coffee in Cleveland. As they support a local business, BCBA members enjoy sharing about their adventures, doing vehicle photo shoots, and simply spending time with old and new friends.

BCBA wants people to know that you do not have to own a Jeep or similar vehicle to become part of the group. They like to be inclusive of all, and not be Jeep specific, as some others groups are. In fact, some members of the group don’t even have an off-road vehicle.

Currently, the group has 89 members and is growing each week. While most of the members are from Blount County, they do have members from other counties. They understand that some members are too far away to actively participate in local adventures, gatherings, or events, but encourage anyone who wants to be a part of the group to send a friend request on their Facebook page to get things started.

Being part of the group can simply involve enjoying the pictures and videos of other member’s adventures, helping with community events, participating in organized benefits, or joining their weekly meeting. They consider all involved as family. BCBA member Paula King said, “It’s not a Jeep thing. It’s a family thing. Whether you are related or not, we are like family.”

BCBA welcomes young and old. Many have school-age children that are a part of the fun and adventure. They attend the weekly meetings, are a part of events, and hit the trails with their family. So if fun, friends, family, or adventure is something you are looking for, don’t delay and become part of BCBA.

It’s definitely not just a Jeep thing.