Australia, according to Heather

Rappelling off this 20-story cliff in the Blue Mountains of Australia was no big deal, according to Heather Bullard, but swimming in that country’s Wangi Falls with her co-ambassadors was awesome, she said. However, she didn’t have a photo of the falls, whereas this shot of her perched on the rim of a sheer cliff can make the viewer figuratively gasp for breath – and grasp for a handhold.



Heather saw the sights down under as a member of the People to People Ambassador Program. About 40 Alabama teens, along with one from Georgia and one from Florida, made the three-week pilgrimage starting June 4, following five months of meetings to learn about the country and requirements for the trip.

Other highlights included seeing stars impossibly bright and beautiful from Camp Mungialli, located in a tropical rain forest, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, the capital of Canberra (laid out much like Washington, D.C., according to Heather), the site of the 2000 Olympics, several landmarks of the Aborigines, and enough other sites to completely fill a large scrapbook.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done,” she said, “and leaving all my friends afterwards was one of the hardest.”

Heather’s main impression from the trip? It was so wonderful, she’s thinking about what Europe might be like next year.

Heather, 15, is the daughter of Tim and Pam Bullard of Hayden.

Ron Gholson