Attorney General’s Office clears Blountsville councilman

Blountsville council member Robert Cornelius has been cleared of possible ethics violations by the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. A letter from Assistant Attorney General Peggy Rossmanith stated, “After conducting an investigation regarding the allegations, the Attorney General’s Office has elected not to prosecute the matter. The facts as alleged present no violation of Alabama law.”

On Aug. 17, 2019, the Alabama Ethics Commission referred a matter involving Cornelius to the 41st Circuit District Attorney Pamela Casey. Casey then referred the matter to the Attorney General’s Office on Sept. 25, 2019.

In its motion to refer to the local court, the Ethics Commission stated, “Based on evidence presented to this commission there is cause to hold that Robert Cornelius has violated the ethics act.”

No other information was provided in the commission’s initial motion; however, the case involved a possible conflict of interest involving financing of a loan to the town.