Asleep at the wheel?

Yep, apparently. The story that ran last week – “From Oneonta to Oneonta” – was well received for the most part. However, there was one aspect of the story that I allowed in that has upset many people – and rightfully so.

The two young men from Oneonta, NY, that visited our town enjoyed their stay. They toured the area with an unofficial escort and had a great time. Unfortunately, they left their mark on the town in more ways than one.

When the two youths signed their names to the Horton Mill Covered Bridge, they defaced public property and it was taken as a slap in the face by those who have worked so hard to restore our covered bridges.

When I allowed the photo to be printed in the paper, I made it seem as if what they had done was right. I was wrong and so were they.

Defacing public property is never “okay.” However, by allowing that photo to be in our paper, I certainly made it seem that way.

Thank you for catching it and thank you for letting us know.

We, no I, was wrong. rr