ASAN grants

The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network is offering mini-grants to farmers and farmers markets, including those in Blount County. The $500-or-less grants come from ASAN’s COVID-19 Adaptation fund and are available for farmers and markets to cover the cost of supplies and upgrades to ensure safety and accessibility, as well as any adaptive measures that enable them to continue to meet community food needs during this time.

Grants can cover costs incurred as early as March 1, 2020. Farms and markets interested in applying can go to the ASAN website for more details and for the multiple formats of the application.

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a weekly basis. Applications will be accepted until all funds are exhausted, no later than July 10.

Local farmers and farmers markets have had to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of customers and regulations.

“For that and many other reasons, we owe it to farmers and markets to ensure they make it through this crisis,” ASAN Executive Director Alice Evans said in a press release. “Farmers and markets are amazingly adaptable, but quick, major, ongoing adaptation takes its toll, and comes with a cost,” Evans added. “The COVID-19 Adaptation Fund is meant to help cover some of these costs so that farmers and markets can continue to serve their essential community function, and can come out of this stronger than ever.”

ASAN is administering the funds through a grant from the Greater Birmingham Community Foundation. For more information or to apply, go to