April Fools Day

April 1 is the one day of the year where people are encouraged to be pranksters and engage in all sorts of shenanigans. Remarkably, even though people are expecting some hijinks on April Fool’s Day, many fall victim to pranks and have the wool pulled over their eyes.

While the precise origins of April Fool’s Day remain a mystery, evidence exists to support the belief that it, or at least the basis for the current April Fool’s Day is several centuries old. Many historians trace April Fool’s Day to Pope Gregory XIII’s decision to adopt the Gregorian calendar. Previously, much of Europe had relied on the Julian calendar, which celebrated New Year’s Day on April 1. The new calendar, however, celebrated New Year’s on January 1. However, information did not travel as quickly in the 16th century as it does today, and many people either did not know that New Year’s Day had changed or simply refused to adopt it. Soon thereafter, those who had adopted the new calendar in France began to make fun of those who hadn’t adopted it or known about it, even going so far as attempting to trick them on their New Year’s Day, April 1. The practice then began to spread throughout Europe, leaving many historians to believe this was the origin of what we now know as April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day is not a time to be malicious but to engage in fun-loving humor. Here are two ideas that can be used on April Fool’s Day that won’t bring any harm except a racing heart or a bit of embarrassment.

Where’s My Car? There’s probably someone you know at school or work that is in love with his/her car. This car is a prized possession and the owner keeps it spotless and always takes care where to park it. Working together with a few accomplices, distract the car owner enough so that you can borrow his or her car keys for a few minutes. Drive the car to a different parking spot at school, work, or even in the neighborhood. When the car owner goes out later to start the car, he or she will wonder where the car has gone. Make sure you let the person in on the goof before the car is reported stolen!

Let ‘er Rip! This gag can be done anywhere but works better in a place where it is relatively quiet, such as a library. You need something that a person will bend over to retrieve. Money works well for this. Place the dollar on the floor and wait for someone to retrieve it. At the point when the person is fully bent over, rip a piece of cloth. The person doing the bending will almost surely reach around to check to make sure he or she hasn’t split his or her pants. And you’ll get a good laugh.