Appalachian teacher wins grant



Nancy Dowdy, a special education teacher at Appalachian High School, has won a $250 grant from the Rural Schools Collaborative (RSC) in Cambridge, Wisc. The RSC gives grants all over the United States, and Appalachian was one of only three high schools in Alabama to receive a grant. The RSC’s goal is to help rural schools across the nation.

Dowdy’s grant will allow students to interview community members in developing a celebration of Oneonta’s bicentennial in 2017. Since Appalachian is in the Oneonta area, Dowdy wants her students to put together a history of the town of Appalachian as part of the project.

Dowdy hopes to have students interview some of the older members of the community to help trace Appalachian as far back as 1817.

Dowdy knows this will be a big endeavor, but she thinks this will be beneficial for all her students. It will teach them how to interview people they may not know, and she wants the students to get involved in real world writing. The students will write about the past, but they will also write about what the world is like now. The students will observe what’s happening now so that future generations can look back and see what Appalachian is like in 2017.

The goal is to write a history of Appalachian and Dowdy plans to put the finished project on the Internet for people to read. She also plans for the students to make booklets for the Appalachian school library and the public library in Oneonta, and maybe even sell booklets to the public.

If you have any information you think is important to the history of Appalachian, please contact Dowdy at Appalachian High School at 274-9712.