Appalachian school approved as DOT station

Blount County Board of Education

In a very brief called meeting last week, the Blount County Board of Education approved the use of Appalachian School as a continuously operating Reference Station (CORS) for the Alabama Department of Transportation (DOT).

With the approval, DOT can install a GPS (global positioning system) receiver on the school building. The receiver will allow for more precise locating, which should aid in surveying and aerial mapping.

“According to the DOT, most of these (CORS) are at courthouses or other public buildings throughout the state,” said Supt. Jim Carr. “I guess the topography of the county makes the school an ideal spot.”

In other business, the board acted on Carr’s recommendation and:

•granted leaves of absence to three system employees.

•terminated the occupational services contract of Sheila Wilhite at her request.

•contracted with Vicki Odom to transport a student to the Blount County Multi Needs Center. She will be paid travel reimbursement at the board-approved rate from IDEA funds.

•transferred teacher Kelly Ray Morton from Cleveland High to Hayden High.

Finally, the board contracted with Trisha Bodine to provide homebound services to a Susan Moore High student beginning Jan. 5, 2010. She will be paid $20 per hour from the general fund and the total of the contract should not exceed $2500.

Attending the Dec. 9 meeting were board members Gregg Armstrong, Craig Johnson, and Bruce McAfee, Carr, board secretary Karla Latham, and several visitors. Board members Andy Neill and Chris Latta did not attend.