Anything Goes set for May 5

Since 1983, the annual Anything Goes competition has served as a fundraiser for the Oneonta Jaycees. However, with fewer members last year, the Jaycees asked the Danny B. Hicks Scholarship group to help with the event.

The Oneonta Jaycees has now disbanded and the competition is solely under the direction of the Danny B. Hicks group.

This is a nonprofit corporation which raises money to provide scholarships to seniors at all public high schools in the county. Last year the group awarded two $1000 scholarships to students at six of the seven schools in Blount County (one school had no students apply) for a total of 12 scholarships.

The Danny B. Hicks group is named for the former Oneonta mayor and long-time Blount County juvenile probation officer, who was known for his passionate support of the youth of the county. He was instrumental in the formation of the event and continued to be a part of the competition long after his time in the Jaycees ended.

This year’s competition will be Thursday, May 5, at 7 p.m. at the Blount County- Oneonta Agribusiness Center. Tickets are $5 at the door but can be purchased from any school for $4 and ticket sales is one of the events in the competition.

Each team will consist of 11 boys and 11 girls from grades 10 through 12 and events range from the egg toss and obstacle course to the sack race and tug of war. There are 12 events in all.

Points will be awarded in each event with 10 points for the first-place team, seven for the second-place team, and five for the third-place team. No points will be awarded for the fourth- through seventh-place finishers.

Susan Moore won the inaugural Anything Goes in 1983. Cleveland is the defending champion.