Anti-alcohol group promises bombshell

In an interview on April 17, Keep Blount County Special spokesman Larry Gipson promised a blockbuster development in the waning stages of the anti-alcohol campaign. The process has already begun, he said in a followup interview on Tuesday. A package of information was distributed to churches beginning Sunday, he said. It will be mailed to Oneonta citizens in the two weeks preceding the June 3 election. He said the mailing contains “new facts and figures” challenging basic tenets of the “wet” rationale for legalizing alcohol.

Gipson, in the April 17 interview including co-spokesman Glenn Bynum, said Keep Blount County Special has spent about $15,000 so far in its campaign to keep Oneonta dry. He said he doesn’t expect the appeal of the decision allowing the referendum to proceed to result in a stay or other action by the Alabama Supreme Court before the election. For that reason he said Keep Blount County Special is focusing its full efforts on winning the June 3 referendum.

“I would request people not to be neutral,” he said. “Being neutral is the same as voting in favor of alcohol. You need to go vote, and vote no,” he said. “If you’re undecided about it, ask yourself what your parents and grandparents would do – what they did do, in fact. They’re the reason Blount County is dry. They kept it that way for you.”

“Let me put our human appeal to people like this,” Bynum said. “I beg you, please don’t unleash the wrath of alcohol on our people, our children, and our families.” A silence fell.

“Choices have consequences,” Gipson said. And the interview ended.