Ann Self

Ann Self

Ann Self

Age: 59

Born in/resides in: Born in Blountsville; resides in Gibbs Chapel community

Family details: Married to Carthal, with two grown children: Matthew, 31, and Chase, 27 Education

Graduated Susan Moore High School in 1972. Attended Snead State Community College to study accounting and bookkeeping in 1972-1973; attended Wallace State Community College to study real estate and computer applications, 1989-1990. Professional training classes taken at Center for Governmental Services, Auburn University: Tax Administration and Laws; Strategic Planning for the Tax Office; Land Schedule Analysis; Alabama Appraisal Manual; Understanding the Tax Collection Function.

Work background
•Blue Bell ( Wrangler), 1972-1974
•Federal Land Bank, 1975-1976
•Teledyne Geotronics, 1977-1978
•Blount County Revenue Commission
Office, 1978-2009
•Currently retired

What are your qualifications for the job
of revenue commissioner?
•32 years work experience in revenue
commission office
•strong work ethic and proven desire
to help people

Describe the role the revenue commission plays in county government.
•maintains tax roll of real and personal property taxes collected
•distributes semi-monthly report and
disperses funds received to various entities within five days, as required by law
•manages/oversees tag department,
assessing/collecting, and appraisal/
mapping departments
•maintains strong fiduciary procedures

to assure correct accounting

What would you do to improve the commission’s efficiency and/or effectiveness, if elected?
•Make sure county has qualified
•Make sure residents are made aware
of all tax exemptions available
•Eliminate need for multiple trips to
get a tag by giving citizens a sheet
explaining everything you will need
•Check delinquent tax list to identify
new owners before their property
appears in the newspaper as delinquent

Candidate’s statement to voters

“Running for office should not be about MONEY, GREED, or POWER. When elected your revenue commissioner, I will only accept one-half (1/2) salary the first year. My running is about serving you. I am not a politician; I want to be your public servant. It’s your money, your office, and EXPERIENCE WILL make a difference. Friendly, courteous service will be a STANDARD. We work for you; if it were not for the taxpayers, no one in the courthouse would have a job. It humbles me to think about working for you. On June 3, you will decide on your revenue commissioner. I ask for your vote and support.”